Fabric Wall Hanging


Handmade screenprint on fabric
One of a kind
503 x 405mm

I designed, drew and printed this fabric in Philadelphia during an internship at the Fabric Workshop and Museum. It's a 3 layer repeat print and each layer is hand drawn and hand printed. I brought the fabric home and hemmed it into a few one of a kind wall hangings like this one!

This print reflects on my home in Cornwall in the field, the narrow roads and steep hills. Below i've included a bit of my writing about the field at night:

The moth made its zig-zag path across the chalked sky. Dusty wings touching dusty pinks and greys.
Disappearing into the long grass. Then, Rising, a dancing drunkard grasping for the moon. The warm lights in caravan windows start their evening glow, dimmer than the evening, then matching it, then strong amongst the dark night. Stars punctuating the hedgerow perimeter.
Lights belonging to friends and neighbours, telltale symbols of wakeful minds or early sleepers.
I cannot write a night in the field, its calmness, its freedom. I can give clues to its magic. Thinking about those bat-charming, badminton playing, fireside crumble eves, I think that there was nothing in that field that you couldn’t have anywhere in the world. But you do need space, quietness, and time to settle into it.